How you can Upgrade Skill Personalization – Tips for this Manager

For those who have Microsoft Great Flatlands and support it for the company and also have light or heavy Great Flatlands personalization, designed in Skill – you should know your choices in improving Great Flatlands or moving it from ctree/Pervasive to MS SQL/MSDE.

Great Flatlands Skill is proprietary programming language/atmosphere, that was produced at the begining of 1990-th to supply platform / database / graphical interface independence for Mac and Home windows based Great Flatlands Dynamics. Today it’s legacy and Microsoft Business Solutions is phasing Skill out.

However Great Flatlands 7.5 as well as 8. is Skill based application, which means you suffer from it and it is personalization.

Great news. Just before version 7. Great Flatlands had intentions of growing GP functionality and thus was altering tables structure – forcing Skill personalization to become examined and partly rewritten with every upgrade. No more – GP structure stays exactly the same – Microsoft does new modules acquisition and unifying it’s graphical interface to maneuver all it’s ERP packages: Great Flatlands, Solomon, Navision and Axapta to web-based Microsoft Business Portal.

Still discomfort. Skill has possible ways to personalize existing Great Flatlands screens, so known as Alternative Great Flatlands forms. It was upgrade problem previously also it stays now – there’s no method of doing it internally (before you are prepared to purchase full-time internal developer – who’s usually within the learning curve). You have to usher in consultant.

Suggested approach. You will have the technique to migrate Skill personalization to SQL, Very Reviews, custom web posting – Visual Studio.internet and gradually abandon Skill personalization

SQL Saved methods – performance improvement. Consider changing skill data manipulation with SQL saved methods. Skill is cursor-driven language which is not capable when processing huge datasets.

Very Reviews. Make the most of open and leading technology. Very Reviews will get rid of the need later on for painstaking Skill reviews upgrade. Base you Very set of the SQL view or saved proc

Do direct web posting off your GP database. Use Visual Studio – you can easily find specialists and also have them in staff. We’re on the planet when web posting is extremely easy.