Information About Danabol-DS Steroid For Bulk Cycle

DBol or Danabol-DS is an anabolic steroid formulated by Dr. John Ziegler with an aim to give an edge to US Olympic team competing against Russia. Since then it has become the most preferred steroid for athletes.

About Danabol-DS

Danabol-DS includes androgenic properties, which is the main aspect of its effectiveness for adding strength and muscle. Protein synthesis and glycogenolysis gets enhanced significantly, because the steroid stimulates androgen receptors.

Danabol-DS is 17-aa steroid, which can be consumed orally. Methandrostenolone is altered at 17th carbon point for creating Danabol-DS capable to pass through liver. Otherwise the steroid would not penetrate through liver and enter your bloodstream. In addition, it would damage the liver. Even though Danabol is tweaked, it can harm your liver, if used in high dosages.

Benefits and results

Danabol-DS is designed for increasing athlete’s athletic abilities. It is also prescribed for treating health issues. However, bodybuilders use this steroid for increasing carbohydrate intake during bulking cycle. Many people take Danabol-DS to gain 20 to 30 pounds, but body builders desire to maintain strength and lean muscle mass, when they limit their caloric intake.

Possible side effects of Danabol-DS

Due to its toxicity, users can experience liver damage. Another side effect reported by users is increase in blood pressure. Therefore, people suffering from HBP must avoid this anabolic until their blood pressure gets controlled. Danabol-DS also causes gynecomastia, so it is suggested to take aromatase inhibitors.

Some users can experience aggression, while a few may suffer from breakouts of acne. In case the user feels very aggressive, taking a break and allowing the body to de-stress is strongly suggested. In case of acne breakout, consult a dermatologist.

Danabol-DS dosages

Bodybuilders use Danabol-DS for bulking cycles. It is the fastest and most efficient steroids with five hour half life, so dosing needs to be taken daily. It is preferred to be used in the beginning of bulking cycle to obtain a jumpstart.

Dnabol-DS dosages differ from one user to another. To gain minimum results, 10 mg is sufficient and 100 mg is recommended for maximum outcomes. Danabol-DS cycle length is 4 to 6 weeks. Like any other anabolics, new users must start low, so as to keep track of their body reactions and get an idea on how much steroid their body can tolerate.

Now, you are familiar with Danabol-DS, benefits and side-effects, so it is time to purchase it from online. However, while selecting a website or brand to buy it, you will need to be cautious. Lots of websites sell Danabol-DS but finding the right one needs a thorough research.