Microsoft CRM – Talking to within the Publish-Recession Time

New publish-recession era has additional features, which did not appear in late 1990th throughout high-tech boom. This is within our opinion on new directions for Microsoft Business Solutions items talking to, including Microsoft CRM.

Additional features:

1. Total cost reduction campaign. We have seen general direction, when companies hire new professionals who is an expert on price reduction, work pressure reduction, secondary departments functions outsourcing, etc.

2. Computer ERP systems literacy among mid-management. Should you remember 1950th when management talking to was flourishing, then for the time being it’s incorporated in most the Master of business administration college programs and managers themselves be aware of subject. Exactly the same happens with ERP systems – managers have general understanding and may discover the new system, using the amount, experience and intuition

3. Databases Support cost reduction – today we’d dare to state it department can certainly support such databases because the ones, located on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle can also be following the thought of zero support efforts. It’s not necessary to hire DBA with 10 experience – which means that even small company could proceed to industry-strength database platforms

4. Software Personalization and Development cost reduction – well a lot of us most likely prefer to purchase cheap and reliable goods from shops, produced in China. Exactly the same happens with software development. Now for those who have your software product designed – you best find the organization to complete real coding somewhere in South america or India. We don’t want to evaluate – could it be bad or good – this really is what’s going on with this market.

5. Growing Interest in Quality – this isn’t a secret that within the era of internet boom – late 1990th – talking to companies needed to hire college graduates to complete greatest complexity projects. And market was tolerating this – no more.

All of these features will enforce the talking to companies to lessen cost, seek nation-wide clients via remote support, web periods, abandon traditional software leads generation techniques and proceed to internet sales, increase the standard of the consultants (we do not be aware of answer how)

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