Produce A Pen Drive Card

Wish to save paper, cut costs and wow your company contacts simultaneously? Make use of a cheap keychain “pen drive” (a little expensive memory that jacks to usb port spot) to produce an interactive “cardInch which will stand way out of the crowd.

Upload the drive together with your filled-in Outlook/Plaxo contact or virtual card and give a couple of free choices just like an short MP3 demo of the class or training, a whitened paper, workbook, e-book – whatever is applicable for your business. Keep your drive along with you and whenever someone is speaking for you regarding your work and can access gear which will accept your drive (PDA, laptop, pocket PC, USB-capable wise-phone, etc), you can easily offer to download your inclusive package to their device.

Forget about agonizingly costly waste of recently obsolete business card printing whenever you have to update or improve your contact details. One less “exactly what do I actually do with this particularInch card for the contacts to suffer from once they go back home from whatever networking event you’ve connected at. And you may constantly tweak the information for relevance, change periodic discount rates, update with limited special deals, and so forth!

A couple of caveats:

1. Choose your choices carefully. Go for high-value, high-return options which will help the receiver, not only the giver. You can a sales brochure, whether it appears appropriate, but make the majority of your offering valuable, pertinent then one they’ll wish to pass onto buddies (taking your data by using it)!

2. Respect your contact’s some time and available memory! Make certain you don’t pack it so full that it’ll overload more compact products or take twenty minutes to download! For those who have large-file choices you want to share, consider developing a single html “web siteInch to download rather, using the links baked into it. Your contact then simply just opens the page, logs onto their Web service provider and clicks right through to get all of the great stuff you need to share!

3. Don’t push! Not everybody feels safe letting just anybody download stuff into their products. If this sounds like an issue, offer to consider their card and send them the data via email. You’ve already designed a good impression simply by being willing to pass through on valuable products around the place. Anything beyond that’s pure gravy.

With only a little of careful decision-making and customary sense, a pen drive card is definitely an amazingly effective vehicle for producing greater interaction, creating an atmosphere of valuable educational exchange and supplying a resource of interesting conversation. It may include everything from a Ms powerpoint presentation to some multi-media product demo for an audio/online video of the services or presentation skill – all condensed into one small, cigarette lighter-sized bauble. You may also purchase them in designer colors and shapes, or imprinted together with your logo design. And, while we’ve been talking about mainly business programs, it’s a technology that gives itself to some nearly infinite number of adaptations. The number of methods for you to think about to make use of this concept?