Thumb Drives – New Technology!

The opportunity to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is simply another advantage computer systems have introduced to the present business community.

In the last couple of years, the various choices to save and move data have increased significantly. Normally the floppy disk (with it’s 1.2 Megabytes limitation), ZIP drives, Compact disc-R’s & Compact disc-RW’s, as well as tape backup copies would be the common methods to move data on non-networked PC’s.

The most recent innovation, the USB Detachable Expensive Memory (Thumb Drive, Key Drive, Memory Stick, USB Drive, Micro Drive) brings another intending to easy transport of information. These USB compliant products are sufficiently small to suit on the key ring or carry inside your shirt pocket.

In an effort to safeguard sensitive information, the safety of one of these simple drives can not be beat. It’s in your wallet!

Their size belies an enormous data storage volume the present dimensions start at 16MB and increase to 4GB. The prices on these products is continuously falling, diving in of one of these simple handy drives almost an absolute must have item.

Browse the add-ons at the local computer store or use the internet for the greatest deal.

For hardly any cost now you can easily move data between PC’s as fast as being able to access the information in your internal hard disk.